Edolas protector Marina and her abilities in the Ethereal: Clash of Souls gameplay video

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Undying Games introduces us to yet another character in the upcoming third-person MOBA Ethereal: Clash of Souls. In a new gameplay video, the developers showed the protector of Edolas named Marina, who trained for a long time to keep her village safe. Its main archetype is Enchanter, and its secondary archetype is Controller.

Marina’s abilities are as follows:

  • Mark of the Silerian (passively) – Marina’s offensive spells mark enemy myths. Allies can attack these targets and detonate their mark to deal additional magic damage. The mark also heals this ally and increases their movement speed. Marina can break her own mark with a basic attack, gaining 50% of the effect. Enemies cannot receive a new mark for some time after it has been activated on them.
  • Deep song (special skill) – Marina sings and charms enemies inside the cone for her song’s duration. Their movement speed is greatly reduced while chanting. This ability can be cancelled at any time by reapplying it.
  • Shooting Water – Marina creates a soothing bubble near her. After a short delay, the bubble bursts, healing allies and damaging all enemies in the area.
  • Pearl of the ocean – Creates a magic bubble around allied myths, protecting them from incoming damage. This ability has multiple charges. Activating multiple shields on one target reduces their effectiveness.
  • Riptide – Passively, Marina gains additional movement speed when moving on water. Creates a large puddle of water on the ground when activated. Enemies caught in a puddle are slowed down and take damage over time.
  • The great storm (Ulta) – Using her royal magic, Marina creates a storm over her chosen area. All allies in the area are healed every second, and enemies are damaged. When used over a Riptide or any water source, enemies are struck by lightning, and their damage done is reduced by a percentage.

Ethereal: Clash of Souls is being developed for PC, but the developers do not exclude the possibility of release on consoles in the future.

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