Eggy Party: The Fall Guys Alternative Enters Closed Beta

Publisher NetEase Games has announced the start of a beta test for Eggy Party. Another reason to hate random opponents.

Eggy Party is a mobile alternative to Fall Guys straight from China. A beta test was launched for the project with the removal of the file after the servers were closed. So far, of the platforms, we can only confirm Android. As for the time of the event, you can play until May 9th. You can participate in many modes. Moreover, your character can not only run on his own two, but also accelerate, taking the form Sonic the Hedgehogrushing through the locations.

Of course, to keep everyone entertained, the developers of Eggy Party have added bright colors, upbeat music, and challenging challenges where one mistake overrides all the successes before it. This CBT is expected to be able to purchase in-game items, though all progress will be reset. The developers promise that this is the last such test, then only the official launch. Well, the cherry on the cake – for participation you will receive memorable prizes.

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