Evil Genius 2: room guide

picture 9 5 Evil Genius 2: room guide

An effective lair of true evil in Evil Genius 2 is simply unthinkable without minions and rooms in which your shenanigans turn out. Any place like this needs suitable accommodations for the minions to rest and ensure the conquest of the world with resources.

The variety of rooms can be a little confusing at first, especially with all this new symbolism and function. But if you understand all the types of rooms that you have at your disposal, it will greatly help you dig the underground fortress of your dreams on the island.

The functions of all rooms in Evil Genius 2 can be divided into three main categories (with the addition of corridors):

  • Work rooms
  • Life support rooms
  • Support and Special Purpose Rooms
  • corridors

And in this guide, we will cover all the main points of Evil Genius 2 related to rooms.

Work rooms

Workrooms are the functional foundation of your lair. They provide the most important resources that the player can use to complete Global Shenanigans and develop their base.

The power plant provides the lair with energy, the Control Room opens up the possibility of doing Global Shenanigans, the Vault increases the total amount of money that can be stored. The Lab will allow the Scientists to research new items and technologies, and the Cover will be the first line of defense against the agents and even bring in some money.

Life support rooms

Evil Genius 2: room guide

Working in vital rooms, your minions will get tired and lose interest in work. To meet the needs of personnel, life support rooms must be built.

The barracks will allow minions to rest and restore health and morale, in the Dining Room they eat and also restore some health and mental strength, in the Infirmary they heal after explosions or fights with enemy agents.

The staff room is required to restore the morale of the minions through various entertainments, and the Archive trains the minions and restores their Intelligence, which is especially important for the Scientists.

Support and Special Purpose Rooms

Evil Genius 2: room guide

The remaining types of rooms serve various needs that are not directly related to the creation of resources or the life support of minions. They are no less important than the others, but have newer or more specialized functionality.

In the training room, workers are trained to become specialists. The armory serves as storage for weapons, control of security cameras, and residence of the Guards. The prison will become a place of detention for captured agents and other supporters of the forces of good, and the Inner Vault will be a place for rest and meetings of the Genius with henchmen. Every villain needs their own room to strategize and have crazy laughs.


Evil Genius 2: room guide

Technically Corridors are not rooms, but they are just as important as the main types of rooms. Traps, security cameras and other equipment can only be installed in corridors. Proper planning of corridors can become the basis of the defense of the lair, so it must be given the closest attention.

As with minions, who together make a far greater contribution to the genius’ plans to take over the world, the effectiveness of the rooms, when used in concert, increases significantly. Each of them is a small brick of your evil fortress. The trick here is to figure out how all these blocks work, and then optimally position them for maximum effect.

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