Fake Escape from Tarkov page appeared on Steam – Scam project is being sold for 1,500 rubles

A page for the hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov suddenly appeared on the Steam site. However, do not rush to rejoice! This is just a scam project that scammers are trying to sell for 1,500 rubles. After the purchase, you will receive a simple two-dimensional game, obviously not similar to the one shown in the screenshots.

The portal has already contacted the developers of Escape From Tarkov and received a comment about this. A representative of Battlestate Games confirmed that the project is fake. They are currently working on getting it removed from the store.

Recall that Escape From Tarkov is in the stage of closed beta testing, which started in 2017. At the moment, the game is sold exclusively on the official website and distributed through its own launcher.

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