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image1 211 Fear the Wolves - Equipment Interface

During your stay in Fear the Wolves, you will encounter many different types of armor, weapons, modifications, food, medicines and medicines. All this has to be stored somewhere, and therefore the game offers a fairly large inventory. At first, the inventory screen may seem complicated – this chapter describes all its elements.

1. Armor

2. Ammunition and modifications.

3. Weapons.

4. Deliveries.

5. Equipping a defeated enemy is potential loot.

1. Armor

The first piece, marked in blue, has 5 slots for the following pieces of armor: mask, helmet, pants, and chest guard. In the last place, you can put two different types of items:

  • Backpack – if you want to have more inventory space like in the picture above (backpack tier II gives 4 extra ammo slots, 2 for mods and 4 for supplies).

  • Oxygen tank – if you want to survive longer in heavily irradiated areas.

In most cases, an oxygen tank is more useful than a backpack because the latter does not increase your chances of survival. Of course, if you didn’t find an oxygen tank, a backpack would be a good choice. The Roman number can be found at the top right of each element icon (I , II or III). This number informs you about the quality of the item.

2. Ammunition and modifications

The second section, marked in green, has 4 main slots for different types of ammunition and 2 main slots for modifications (scopes, grips, limiters, additional magazines). Using 3 different types of firearms allows you to quickly fill additional ammo slots. In the mods section, you can save weapon attachments for weapons you haven’t found yet, or ones that aren’t currently in use, but you might need them later in the match.

3. Weapon

The third section, marked in yellow, has 3 firearm slots and 1 additional melee weapon slot. Each of the firearm slots has 3 small additional slots for weapon modifications. Fear of Wolves has the following weapon modifications:

  • Grips that improve accuracy.

  • Suppressors.

  • Additional store.

It should be noted that weapon modifications are not universal, which means that they are not suitable for all types of weapons. Some of these mods can be attached to most firearms, but not all.

4. Deliveries

The fourth section, marked in red, is for various types of consumables: medical supplies, food, medicine, and grenades. While exploring the map, you will have to use various supplies to keep your character alive. You should always have something to eat with you and have items that can reduce radiation. You start with 4 supply slots.

5. Equipping a Defeated Enemy – Potential Loot

The fifth section, marked in red, shows the equipment of the defeated enemy. As you can easily understand, this window is the same as yours. Thanks to this, you can easily check what you might need and take only the items you need.

Managing your equipment

Equipment in Fear the Wolves uses a drag and drop system. Click LMB to move items between sections. For example, if you want to attach a scope to one of your weapons, you can simply select it in the mods section and then place it in the desired slot. The same goes for removing items from the inventory of fallen enemies. Drag and drop the items you want into your gear and that’s it.

Replacing equipment with the best

As you explore the map, you will come across better items. For example, if you find a better quality helmet or any other piece of armor, just take it. The game will switch your old gear to the new item (the old gear will fall to the ground).

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