For MMORPG HIT 2 released a cinematic and a demonstration of the PC version

Publisher Nexon continues to work on MMORPG HIT 2. It will be released this year, and now we are watching trailers.

HIT 2 is a cross-platform project that will appear on PC, iOS and Android in 2022. Pre-registration with rewards should start on June 30th. In the meantime, you can watch a demo of the PC version – the trailer shows huge maps with different biomes, as well as detailed models of the cinematic video level. Players are waiting for different factions and settlements; you will probably need to upgrade your reputation with them to get rare and valuable goods.

Gamers have noticed that visually HIT 2 resembles another MMORPG called V4, while the graphics are better. But this does not negate the fact that some mob models are almost transferred from one project to another. One way or another, players are waiting for typical large-scale battles of guilds and, possibly, even servers. Well, where without raids hunting huge wyverns? They will be able to take part at least 20 players, judging by the trailer; each of them will fulfill their role in the team.

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