For Torchlight: Infinite will hold the first CBT, what is known and when to expect?

Chinese studio “XD Inc.” is going to launch the first CBT for ARPG Torchlight: Infinite. The guys shared this information through the official Twitter account… They indicated that test servers will open by the end of 2021, but only in the Middle Kingdom. Now you can pre-register for both mobile platforms via TapTap… The game is a solid alternative to Diablo Immortal, which should be released just in time for the opening of the closed beta servers for Infinite.

We expect huge boss battles as well as pretty stylish graphics with characters that vary in roles. At the start, you should expect a berserker, a magician and a shooter. Over time, the roster of characters will increase. There is no energy or stamina level, instead they will impose a limit on the extraction of daily resources. Perhaps this is necessary in order for the server to swing evenly, plus in the Middle Kingdom they are fighting with underage gamers who play for a long time at night. Read more about it here.

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The test version of Torchlight: Infinite will be launched by the end of this year, the exact platforms are unknown, the developers say that the project “will soon be released on iOS and Android.” It will probably be a shareware theme with all that it implies.

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