Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are special challenges that players can complete while playing. They are in addition to the main objectives of the game, i.e. shooting and trying to survive as long as possible during the competition.

The most important are weekly tests.

Tests are varied – from the destruction of a certain number of enemies to the search for secret objects. By completing them, you get experience points (XP) and battle stars. We collect stars to collect more battle tiers as we collect them – each season is unlocked for 100 points and each has new prizes.

Every 24 hours, Fortnite has new Challenges of the Day. They are associated with combat goals, such as killing a certain number of enemies. When you complete them during the day, you will receive rewards. Details about their implementation can be found in the lobby in the main menu of the game, to the left of the character.

Weekly Challenges is a separate section. These are exclusive tasks, and 3 of them (for 7) are only for individuals who will buy a combat card – a new pass must be purchased for each subsequent season. Every week there are many new challenges. They can be divided into different categories:

  • Eliminate enemies in a certain place.
  • Destroy enemies with special weapons.
  • Search for boxes in a specific location.
  • Landing at the specified point.
  • Moving along a certain route.
  • Finding secret items.

You do not need to complete weekly challenges this week. The most important thing is to implement them before the end of the season. Thus, you will receive certain rewards.

All Weekly Challenges

Below is a list of current weekly challenges in Season 9. From the latest to the oldest, which can be continued throughout the season.

Week 6 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Stage 1: Land in Prosperity Pagoda
  • Deal damage to enemies with machine guns
  • Stage 1: search for chests in a hotspot


  • Damage the vehicle in which the enemy is riding.
  • Use Storm Changer in different matches.
  • Use different cars in one match.
  • Eliminate enemies on the catwalk or in the ruined lands.

Week 5 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Deal damage to enemies using grenades, sticks of dynamite or bombs
  • Look for chests.
  • Destroy your opponent during different matches


  • Stage 1: complete the lap at the desert racetrack.
  • Set traps in different matches.
  • Visit different wind turbines in one match.
  • Liquidation on high-rise platforms.

Week 4 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Deal damage to enemies with sniper rifles.
  • Stage 1: Dance in the head of the holographic tomato
  • Assassination – legendary weapon

Pass requirement:

  • Destroy a Lups Transporter in various matches.
  • Stage 1: Earth at the harsh summit.
  • Eliminate enemies in Ghost Hills or Advanced Rift.
  • Visit different named locations during the same game.

Week 3 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Step 1: Do the trick on the table.
  • Look for chests at Lonely Hostel or at the Harsh Peak.
  • Deal damage to an enemy within 10 seconds after using airflow.

Pass requirement:

  • Stage 1: Visiting locations in one match
  • Throw a flying disc toy and catch it before it hits the ground
  • Elimination is an explosive weapon.
  • Deal damage with different weapons in the same game.

Week 2 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Use fans in different matches.
  • Stage 1: Land in Butny Brzeg.
  • Eliminate enemies in Sun Stairs or Shades of Glass

Pass requirement:

  • Deal damage to enemies with pistols.
  • Visit a large telephone, a huge piano, and a giant dancing fish trophy.
  • Search for chests in various named locations in the same match.
  • Stage 1: Destroy the enemy at a distance of at least 50 m.

Week 1 Challenges (Prize – 5000 XP)

Does not require a pass:

  • Stage 1: Float around the Neo Curved Towers on the air current.
  • Visit all Sky Platforms.
  • Deal damage to an enemy within 10 seconds after using Shadow Bomb

Pass requirement:

  • Pick up a legendary item in various matches.
  • Find chests in Fortune Pagoda or Booty Lagoon.
  • Elimination – a weapon with a scope.
  • Stage 1: Deal damage to enemies while being at least 2 floors higher.

When do daily challenges reset and when do weekly challenges occur?

Available to all Fortnite Battle Royale users, the following Daily Challenges appear daily at the following times:

  • British time (BST): 0:01.
  • Central European Time: 1:01.

Weekly competitions, some of which are only available to owners of a paid battle card during a certain season, appear every Thursday at the following hour:

  • British time (BST): 14:00.
  • Central European Time: 15:00.

As a reminder, unlike daily tasks, weekly tasks do not need to be completed during a specific week. To complete them, you must complete them before the end of the current season.


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