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Fujifilm Beats Olympus in Japan’s Mirrorless Camera Market

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Fujifilm has managed to improve its position in the Japanese mirrorless camera market. This is evidenced by BCN Ranking statistics, including sales data for approximately 40% of Japanese retailers. Judging by these statistics, Fujifilm’s share, which stood at 15% in January, increased to 20% in February. This allowed Fujifilm to bypass the Olympus brand, which dropped from 16% to 12%. Recall that the former division of Olympus, which produces photographic equipment, now belongs to another owner and is called OM Digital Solutions.

As for other major players, Canon holds 22.2% of the market, with Sony leading with 33.0%.

Fujifilm Beats Olympus in Japan's Mirrorless Camera Market

The total number of mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras sold in Japan in February 2021 was 73.0% compared to the same month last year. The most popular camera was the Sony α6400.

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