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Gameplay and game mechanics in the new League of Legends fighting game developer diary

Riot Games has finally published a new issue of developer diaries for a fighting game codenamed Project L, created based on the League of Legends MOBA universe. In this video, Executive Producer Tom Cannon and Game Director Sean Rivera talked about the current development progress and game mechanics, as well as showed fresh gameplay.

We have put together a summary for you with all the information from the video:

  • Before moving on to the main part, the developers showed Illaoi, which is now about 30% complete. The art team is still working on her model, animations, sounds and effects.
  • The developers want to create a game that you can enjoy right away, but will also reward you for the time you spend on mastering it.
  • In Project L, you can walk, run, jump, high or long jump, and do a super jump. In addition, some characters have unique air mobility abilities.
  • The authors want to encourage aggressive gameplay, which should make the gameplay itself and watching it exciting.
  • The player will have powerful buttons at their disposal, which will be useful in many situations, as well as the tools necessary to protect against them.
  • Initially, the battles in Project L took place in a 1v1 format, where each player selects one character. But about two years ago, it was decided to switch to the Tag Team system, in which you need to choose the main character and support fighter.
  • Each champion has two actions that can be performed while off screen. By holding the button, you can extend the duration of the combo. It is also possible to completely switch control to another fighter.
  • Players can use “Dynamic Rescue”, which allows a support to rescue a main character who is under enemy attack.

Unfortunately, in this video, the developers did not reveal any release dates for Project L.

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