Sometimes each of us dreams of becoming a real gangster. The popularity of the chaotic Grand Theft Auto series proves this. Some of its parts have long been released on mobile phones, but this does not stop indie developers from releasing clones. This time we will look at those that at least somewhat resemble that very American freedom, where you can steal a car, hide from the police and seize territory with your guys.

Grand Criminal Online

This is an interesting project. Yes, there is an isometric camera, but otherwise, the game is a solid GTA clone. There are skirmishes and without auto-guidance. You can drive a car, but you are afraid to accelerate because you cannot see the road ahead. At the very beginning, we are given to create a character, choose his appearance and gender. We earn money in daily missions, one of which is working in a taxi. A reward is given for completing all daily routines. Improper driving is rewarded, for example, destroying many objects or hitting people will show an achievement. The in-game map is not that big, especially for the first island. It’s not really clear where the developers drew inspiration for the city: bridges connect it, but this is not New York – palm trees are everywhere. Leave your assumptions in the comments.

Various establishments are indicated on the map: gun shops, houses for purchase, eateries, etc. The camera sometimes behaves strangely: if the character runs near the building, she starts having seizures. You will not find voiced dialogues in Grand Criminal Online, therefore: “Long live the silent protagonist“. At the same time, we have some freedom of action: you can climb over the fence, running away from the cops. But it is better to bypass them because even at the first search star they shoot at us. If you thought that this was all, then you are deeply mistaken. You will be chased by a police car, which masterly crashes and prevents you from driving usually. Therefore, we comply with the law and transfer grandmothers across the road.

Gangstar New Orleans

What happens if the leaders of all five mafia families are removed? The answer is correct: a complete orgy. What should we do? Take everything bad and subjugate New Orleans… On the way, we have to clean up the unwanted and not look back at the explosions. This game is more like Saints Row: at the very beginning, we are given a ride in a truck with a huge African American and tombstones as a body. And this is done for a reason: we need to get to a woman who can get everything from a stolen lamp that one can wish for. The graphics are on a level, and the camera is finally from the third person. There are questions about freedom of choice because sometimes the game does not directly let go of your hand and resembles the Call of Duty series in this regard.

Gangstar New Orleans tells a typical story “from dirt to Kings»: Gradually we will acquire property, which even concerns our own mansion. Difficulty levels break down missions. Yes, the game may not reach a full-fledged GTA, but this is probably the most worthy contender. The game was even compared to Cyberpunk 2077, and the facts were not always in favour of the brainchild of CD Projekt RED.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Do you know SAMP? This is San Andreas, only with multiplayer. So, MadOut2 is SAMP. This is both good and bad. Let’s start with negative aspects: the chat is full of trash, and since there are many Russian speakers in the game, you understand everything they are talking about. The character can be created initially, but they all look like soulless bodies, from which the Dementors have sucked all the happiness. Cars break, which is good. At the same time, a left person can sit in our car and ride in the passenger seat. From the very beginning, we are free to do whatever the soul wants. The local town looks like a typical Russian province, and there is even a Russian car industry. There are also foreign brands, but they are unlicensed, and there is no nameplate on them. The missions here are pretty commonplace, and most of them are parkour on cars or collecting items. There are many clothes, while you don’t need to go to the shops; you can even change the sex if you want, it’s still the 21st century. Character animation and car physics are closer to Grand Theft Auto IV, and you can even drift.

Payback 2

This is an even more arcade theme: here we mostly dominate the territory and fight off real players or even bots. To dominate, you can place turrets and hand a machine gun (bullets are not endless). You cannot enter the buildings, and the cars are most likely unlicensed. After death, we are resurrected in the car. The one who makes the most kills wins (there are no passers-by, so only other players). The cars’ physics is oak, and they are not destroyed (hello, the first series of Need for Speed). You can fall into the water, but our character immediately “drowns”, as in Vice City. At the same time, there is a storyline campaign. It is a different mission, and you don’t need to get anywhere. We will be allowed to fly in helicopters during the race, arrange Armageddon (you can throw grenades directly from the car, but the police will not be happy) and ride sports cars (again in circuit races). The overall setting is reminiscent of the Saints Row series.

Armed heist

Remember Payday? This game is her bastard… It has everything for the perfect heist: guns, cops, drills and, of course, masked robbers. The game is divided into missions, where we alone must fight off waves of police officers. Here you can hide in cover, as well put headshots… Ammo falls from the cops, so at first, there are no problems with cartridges. The mission ends when our car arrives, and we safely reach it. After successful completion, you receive evergreen American dollars and, possibly, a loot box. With the money received, we buy new guns or improve existing ones. It is a pity that you cannot shoot single bullets.

Armed Heist looks licked like Gangstar New Orleans. The environment sometimes breaks down or breaks down. For example, if you hide behind a car for a long time, then at some point the cops will riddle it so much that it will start to smoke. On ultra settings, the game will give odds to all GTA on smartphones. The animation of the characters is smooth, and you really believe in what is happening on the screen. I recommend installing it.

Gangs Town Story

If you want minimalism, this is the place for you. In the first mission, you understand where you got to: the NPCs have such strange behaviour that you start to worry about them seriously. Imagine a situation: there is a shootout and bandits are a few steps away from you. Most importantly, they can’t get in. Enemies move crowded, so do not expect any ambushes and other bells and whistles. At the very beginning we were immediately thrown from the fire into the fire: kill 12 enemies, here’s the timer, let’s go. In the background, a car beeps continuously and monotonously does not help, although there is not much traffic on the road.

Probably the best thing about this game is street basketball. You don’t expect the developers to add something like that here. But here, too, the euphoria quickly passes: we take turns with the bot to throw the ball into the basket and after two accurate hits win as much as 50 bucks… In general, not the worst contender, but there is room for improvement.

Los Angeles Crimes

This is an interesting case. The first thing that catches your eye: the game’s name is made in the same font as that of GTA. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The character moves like in jelly: smoothly and with a little delay. The world is a little empty; yes, there are skyscrapers around, but they are more like decorations. The drivers are quite aggressive: they can slow down a little and still knockdown. In this case, our hero will lie on the front hood, and then he will also stay under the wheels. By the way, bots-drivers drive very badly and do not react to us in any way. It is completely unclear what to do here: there are no explicit online elements, maps with tasks and icons, too. All that remains is to run around the city with a gun and scare pedestrians. The coolest thing here is mobile, like in GTA V.

Dude Theft Wars

This is probably the most arcade and humorous clone of the Great Car Robbery: cartoon graphics, the character is jumping like on the moon, and when a collision with pedestrians or policemen appears on the screen, messages such as “noobs” or “spent” appear. By the way, cars can also take off a short distance. The main thing we have to do is look for money that can be hidden high on the mountain. In your free time from robberies, you can play bowling, ride a sports car (unlicensed) or fly in a military helicopter. From it, you can shoot at police helicopters. Such a project will be more suitable for sandbox lovers.

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