Genshin Impact Patch 1.5 Released, Plus Official Interactive Map

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Paimon, like many Voyagers, was looking forward to the 1.5 patch for Genshin Impact. We have already talked about this here. Let’s see what miHoYo has added. First, on PCs and smartphones, you can delete unnecessary voice files. Secondly, now you can build your own house, which is located in the local teapot. Furniture materials are mined in a variety of ways; they can be colored. The more furniture, the more the spirit that lives in the teapot trusts you; it gives different rewards.

In addition, we got two new characters: a 5-star Eola with Cryo damage and a 4-star Yan Fei with Pyro damage. The developers did not pass by the 5-star claymore “Song of Broken Pines” and two top artifacts. The new Ridge Watch region is collecting materials for these artifacts. Travelers will find a new Dungeon “Under the Tree of Suppression”

If you love interactive maps (so do we), then miHoYo has now released an official map for the Genshin Impact. It is in Russian with all regions, capitals, tags, materials, and so on. We pass link and enjoy.

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