Global version of MMO Fantasy Life Online announced

Fantasy Life Online is available in Japan. This is a mobile MMO that they want to release around the world. While preparing a beta test in some countries.

Fantasy Life Online is an MMO that is a sequel to Fantasy Life, a Nintendo 3DS project. So far, the game is available in Japan, but publisher Boltrend Games will bring it to smartphones around the world. A beta test is now planned in Canada, Malaysia, Finland and Australia. It will take place from October 28 to November 5. According to the sources, all progress will be reset to zero after the end, and the spent coins will be returned doubled during OBT.

So far, for Fantasy Life Online, the official and English site. Links to pre-registration should appear on it soon. If you believe the information from this site, after the release, gamers will receive a call-up coin, orbs for experience and coins. Only for this you will need to share the record on social networks.

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As for the gameplay, gamers will be able to choose several professions: alchemist, fisherman, blacksmith, carpenter, cook, archer and others. You can go alone or in co-op, but the best one will not go to the raid bosses.

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