Google Chrome big update is out now

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Google has released a new beta version of its proprietary Chrome browser. Version 88 brings several important improvements, including bringing back a feature missing from Chrome for Android a couple of years ago.

Google Chrome big update is out now

We are talking about the possibility of taking screenshots in the “Incognito” mode. The feature was disabled in 2018 with the release of Chrome 65 for Android for security reasons. Now it can be activated using the special Incognito Screenshot flag on the page with experimental features chrome: // flags.

Google has also added tutorial videos on browser features. They can be seen as cards on the new tab page. However, so far, the videos are taken from the Google Go application and are not related to the Chrome browser. Apparently, when the release of the stable version of Chrome 88, the company inserts real tutorials.

The desktop version of Chrome 88 introduces a dropdown button in the upper right corner of the window that shows all open tabs in all windows. The menu also allows you to search by quickly finding the tabs you want. The feature is enabled with the # enable-tab-search flag. Such an innovation would be beneficial in a mobile browser, but so far, it is only available in the desktop version.

Google Chrome big update is out now

Other innovations include the end of support for macOS 10.10 Yosemite, dark scrollbars and form elements in a dark theme, the final end of support for FTP, and so on.

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