Hearthstone Bound by Stormwind DLC adds 135 cards

Blizzard has released an expansion pack for the Hearthstone collectible card game, Bound by Stormwind. It added a total of 135 cards to the game, some of which have the new Tradable property. A card with this property can be played as usual, or for 1 unit of mana it can be put back into the deck, receiving another in return.

Also, all 10 classes have access to quest chains. Players start the match with cards that have this property. The tasks are divided into three stages, and the completion of each reward is rewarded. Completing the entire chain will award a powerful legendary mercenary creature.

The expansion also added Battlegrounds decorative items, including the alternate bartenders Tiki Lords Ragnaros and Ve’nari, and the Beach Games and Shadowlands Hero Skin Packs.

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