Hello Neighbor Developers Release Startup Panic Mobile Game About Creating Your Own Business

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In the 20th century, everyone wanted to become astronauts. In the 21st century – startups. Studio tinyBuild, which you may be familiar with from the Hello Neighbor series, has released a game with this backlog called Startup Panic. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing from a safe distance what it’s like to start a startup, now you can.

According to the plot, our character decides to leave his job to build a new one. The ups and downs await us, starting with the unlucky programmer in his bedroom and ending, if all goes well, in the office of a skyscraper. But the road is rough, so expect battles with other CEOs and keep an eye on market share. Your startup can also be hacked, and your character can be kidnapped—a real American dream.

Startup Panic is currently only available on iOS. Release on Android and PC (via Epic Games Store), but you can only pre-register there at the time of this writing. This is a premium project.

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