Horizon Chase 2 will be released on Apple Arcade in early September

Horizon Chase 2 is set to release on iOS devices on September 9th. The game supports multiplayer in all modes.

If you’re tired of the Asphalt series, then you can try Horizon Chase 2 – this mobile game will be released exclusively for Apple Arcade subscribers. The developers promise online modes, a new customization system compared to the first part, as well as new visual effects. Horizon Chase 2 will have well-designed tracks where you can use forks, collect nitro and overtake rivals.

Despite the external arcade Horizon Chase 2 will offer different weather conditionsthat affect the gameplay. You can also change the color of the car and decorate it; it will even give an increase in performance. Music for Horizon Chase 2 composed by Barry Leitch is a Scottish composer who has provided music for the Top Gear, Rush, Gauntlet Dark Legacy and other video game series.

Horizon Chase 2 will suit fans of classic racing from the 90s. You can experience this spirit with your friends.

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