How to Build a Dream Ultimate Team in FIFA?

The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA is gaining more and more popularity with each new release of the simulator: there are new opportunities for games, team gatherings and more. One of the biggest features of the mode: the absence of any binding rules when forming a team. You can collect any players, spend money in different ways and buy legends.

But some universal recommendations do exist. For example, it is better not to take players from different leagues and different nationalities, even if they are very stellar. It is also not necessary to rearrange the players from their “native” positions.

Mode differences in FIFA 19 and FIFA 18

There are no cardinal changes, there is rather an addition to what was before. The two most popular modes within Ultimate Team remain Divisional Rivals and FUT Champions, but the developers have improved them a bit.

Changes in Divisional Rivals: if earlier there were 10 divisions, and the player simply moved from one to another at a certain skill level, now in order to get into a certain division, you need to score a specific number of skill points. For example, to play in the first division, you need 2400.

Changes in FUT Champions: EA listened to the players by reducing the number of games on the weekend. Where before you had to play 40 matches, now there are only 30. This is a major change, because playing 40 matches is quite difficult due to the large amount of time spent. Winning 11 out of 30 matches will automatically qualify you for the next week of FUT Champions. The average win rate in this mode is about 17.

Composure is one of the most important factors in the formation of the composition

This indicator is very important. If the team is not played, then the performance of the players falls. Each player’s chemistry ranges from 1 (minimum) to 10 (maximum).

It is impossible to fix chemistry during the game, it is formed when a team is created and is available only before the start of the match. In order not to get negative chemistry, players must at least play in the same championship or be of the same nationality. If several factors converge at once, teamwork will be improved.

There are four lines (chemistry indicators) between players in a team:

– red. Means that players are unplayed and will lose their skills when playing in the same team. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese from Juventus, Italian championship) and Lionel Messi (Argentine from Barcelona, ​​Spanish championship).

– yellow. Normal, basic. It can be achieved for players from the same league. For example, Herrera (Spanish from Manchester United, English Championship) and Fernandinho (Brazilian from Manchester City, English Championship).

– green. This is a good level of teamwork, where there should be people from the same team. For example, Gareth Bale (Welshman with Real Madrid, Spanish Championship) and Karim Benzema (Frenchman with Real Madrid, Spanish Championship).

– lettuce. Maximum teamwork, it is guaranteed by players from the same team and country. For example, Dele Alle (Englishman from Tottenham, FA Championship) and Kane (Englishman from Tottenham, FA Championship).

In order for a team to be assembled and not a single player receives a weakening of skills, it is necessary that everyone has at least yellow lines.

FUT Team of the Season - Community Gold Squad

Another important aspect is the position of the player. If in the base game FIFA you can put players in other positions, then in Ultimate Team you need to play only in the “native” position. For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo is designated as a center forward in Ultimate Team, he cannot be placed in the position of the left winger – so he will lose his skills.

In order for a team to be assembled and not a single player receives a weakening of skills, it is necessary that everyone has at least yellow lines.

Features of work in the transfer market

Players for your team can either be signed on the transfer market, or bought and unlocked. Packs are better to take when some events are held in FIFA: the release of the team of the year or the month, the birthday of the Ultimate Team. Then there is a chance to get really cool players, at other times it is better not to open.

In general, packs are an absolute random. I partially agree with the thesis that in recent years they have dropped fewer cool players. I think this is due to the popularity of the regime. If it was once possible to assemble a good team from packs, now it is unrealistic to do so. At the same time, I don’t believe that the chance of getting cool players from packs bought for real money is higher – it’s still random.


FUT Team of the Season – Community Gold Squad

You can assemble a cool team in the transfer market. In Ultimate Team, this works similarly to real football: a competent transfer policy allows you to earn money and collect players.

Here is a simple example of how to earn coins without even playing. On Thursday evening, at the start of FUT Champions week, all players begin to form teams. Then on the transfer market the price of players rises – they can be sold. On Monday, after the end of FUT Champions, everyone suddenly starts selling players, their price drops. That is, you can sell players on Friday and buy on Monday, while earning money only on transfers. Earned money can be used to form a better team.


A similar situation with the players of the week. The Ultimate Team of the Week comes out every Wednesday at 20:00. If you immediately catch a player with a unique card, you need to sell him as quickly as possible, while there are not many similar players on the market. It makes sense to keep players from the team of the week, if they are much stronger than they should be, then the demand for them will grow even after entering the transfer market.

How long does it take to form a dream team

There is no time or financial limit in the formation of the composition. The optimal team that can win can be assembled in 2 million and a few weeks, or 50,000,000 in almost a year.

In principle, there is no limit in the game, because every week new cards are released that allow you to improve your team. At the same time, there is a set of players who are considered the best in their positions. To assemble such a composition, you need to spend about 40,000,000, that is, it cannot be formed without real money.

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