IPhone 13 Insider Info: Connectorless Design and Astrophotography

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The latest rumours about the 13th generation iPhone were presented by insider Max Weinbach and channel author EverythingApplePro. The new models will have a soft matte panel that will provide better handgrip for more comfortable use of the device. Also, the new iPhones may come with an Always-On display and a 120Hz refresh rate. Some Apple devices already use these always-on displays.

According to informants, the lock screen will be slightly modified. Basically, it will look usual, but the screen will turn on dim when notifications appear. According to insiders, the new line of smartphones will have more powerful MagSafe magnets and agree that the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s will increase in thickness by 0.26mm.

Also, it became known that Apple will add astrophotography to new smartphones, which will allow you to take clear photos of the night sky. When you point the new iPhone at the sky, it will automatically enter astrophotography mode with a slower shutter speed and additional internal processing. Apple is reportedly working on a portrait mode video function. The camera in the new iPhone will have a six-lens lens and an improved ultra-wide-angle lens aperture to f / 1.8.

It became known that the technology for measuring blood glucose on the Apple Watch, which we wrote about earlier, will appear not this year, as well as a mental health function. All of these opportunities have been pushed back to 2022, according to insiders.

The video also informs about the possible name of the upcoming 2021 line. In all likelihood, the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 12s. Touch ID can be returned built right into the display, and Apple has already invented prototypes. According to John Prosser, there is a huge possibility that the design of the future iPhone will be completely missing connectors. Four new models are expected to be presented this September.

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