Jagex plans to fix Old School RuneScape’s economy with taxes and item purchases

MMORPG Old School RuneScape will soon undergo economic balancing. Jagex plans to impose a 2% tax on player-to-player trading through the auction, as users complain about too much inflation in the game. The commission will be paid by the seller, not the buyer, and thus the developers want to remove some of the currency from the game.

It is worth noting that Jagex so far only assumes a figure of 2%, and fans will be able to see the final decision after installing the update soon. The interface of the Grand Exchange auction will also be updated so that you can see how much taxes the seller will have to pay if the sale is successful.

There are also plans to create a virtual chest in which funds will be accumulated and items will be purchased from players. In this case, the buyer will be AI and the items after the purchase will simply disappear. Thus, it is planned to create additional liquidity in the market. This will happen rarely and only in exceptional situations, the system will not buy everything.

The banking system will also change in the near future. Each block with cells will be purchased separately and the price will increase with the subsequent purchase. For example, the first block costs one million gold coins, the tenth block costs 500 million, and so on.

It is not yet clear when exactly the renewal with the improvement of the economy will arrive. The authors collect feedback from players on the forums and it is quite possible that plans will change.

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