Looking at the final trailer for MMORPG Dekaron M, when will it be released in Korea?

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Korean developers from ThumbAge studio showed the final trailer for Dekaron M. This is an MMORPG with an interesting top view. We were shown various cities where players gather, as well as fields with graves and dead. In general, there are different locations and enemies, plus world bosses. And everything seems to be fine, but where are the large-scale PvP mixes? Instead, we see the loading of objects, as if the Animus is loading Venice from Ezio Auditore. The developers have chosen as the official slogan: “It’s so nice to kill”, hinting at PvP. To keep PvE fans happy, ThumbAge is adding raid and dungeon trips.

In the last news, we already managed to gnaw on the bones of Dekaron M. The thing is that this MMORPG suffers from typical diseases on mobile phones: grind, auto-battle, unremarkable graphics and an overloaded interface. Even localization into English is sometimes lame. Better to wait for the release of Blade & Soul 2.

Dekaron M is expected to launch on iOS and Android at the end of April. It will happen in South Korea, not a word about a global release.

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