Lords of Mayhem Receives First Content Update

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The developers of Action RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem have announced the first free content patch for the game called “Bloodtrail.” He also received an official promo page.

Among the innovations, it is worth noting:

  • Continuation of the storyline;
  • the addition of new hunting and altars mechanics;
  • items with unique affixes;
  • pets that help in battle;
  • new missions;
  • trader of enamel items;
  • reworking active modifiers and adding 80 new ones;
  • reworking skills and over 120 new nodes;
  • localization improvements, additional cut scenes, and much more.

The update also split the game into two modes: Legacy and Chronicle. The first mode can be played by users who created characters before the release of “Bloodtrail.” It uses the old economy, and such heroes cannot participate in fresh seasonal events. Chronicle mode is a variant of the game where the economy is completely zeroed, and only characters created from scratch are present. Also available in this mode are seasonal events during the campaign and in the final game.

Below you can see the trailer for the Bloodtrail update:

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