Meizu Watch announced: autonomy, SO2 and voice assistant

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Today, the Meizu brand announced a new smartwatch called the Meizu Watch. Like other watches, they monitor health status. The company claims that the Meizu Watch’s case is made of high quality ceramic materials; fear of allergies is not worth it. The watch looks minimalist, its design is “rounded”. If you believe the rumors, Apple will move away from such solutions with the next series of Apple Watch 7. Among other things, Meizu Watch measures the level of SO2 in the blood (this is now done by any budget watch from the Middle Kingdom).

If you are concerned about your safety, you can quickly press the side button five times and the watch will call emergency services. And if you think that for this you need to connect them to a smartphone, then you are deeply mistaken: Meizu Watch supports eSIM. That is, you can call from them, send SMS and generally use it autonomously. Also, if your heart rate is higher or lower than normal, the watch will help you cope with stress, and so on. These are probably breathing exercises.

As for charging, it lasts 36 hours. The smart device charges up to 35% in about 15 minutes. The OS is FlymeOS with a built-in voice assistant. According to the publication “Mobile phone“, Then the smart watch Meizu Watch will go on sale in China tomorrow at a price of about 17,250 rubles.

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