MetaSnake Offers NFTs and Esports with Cute Kittens and a Snake

The MetaSnake project can be downloaded on Android. In theory, you can make money on NFTs, but you have to spend money first.

MetaSnake is a mobile project that appeared in the Russian Google Play. The iOS version is listed at official website, but at the time of writing, the link to the App Store is inactive. In fact, this is another game with blockchain and squad leveling, only this time the developers took elements from the legendary “Snake”. That is, the scheme is as follows – our huge detachment runs across the field in parallel with the enemy. We must collect crystals and grow due to this, exchanging spells with the enemy and moving closer for a powerful blow.

Leveling, rarity and the role of heroes in the group play an important role in winning MetaSnake. But you are obviously more interested in NFT and earnings, so let’s talk about it. The main value is the Ancient Spirits, which are collected from six elements, one of them is the parents. Perfume can be sold on the market for BNB currency; April 1st for one pet you would give at least 35,600 rubles. Local tokens are also earned for top places on the leaderboard and completing daily tasks.

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