MIUI has a “secret” option to get updates before others

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Xiaomi, MIUI and the mystery of early updates

When it comes to Xiaomi and MIUI, it is difficult to understand how the entire dynamics of the software, which is an important part of the company’s universe, works. Just think about the amount of Xiaomi ROM that is circulating on the Internet – all those Chinese and Western Betas, Stable Beta and Stable. Not to mention (however, there you already find yourself in the world of custom firmware). This is a very “varied” control that often separates users: there are those who like to have so many firmware to choose from and the maximum freedom to customize, but there are also those who would prefer to have fewer options. In the past few years, we have noticed that Xiaomi users are more eager for updates than others – it is no coincidence that MIUI update articles are among the most read. This is another reason to responsibly approach the coverage of today’s topic, which certainly worries many.

So, in recent days, there has been talk on the net about the “bonus” function present in MIUI. Here’s where you can find it:

  1. Go to “Settings” -> “About phone”, click on the “MIUI version” field in the upper left;

  2. Tap the MIUI logo several times to enable additional update options;

  3. Click on 3 dots in the upper right and select “Settings” in the offered list.

  4. Turn on the “Early Updates” radio button.

It is a pity that the activation of this item does not give us any further information about his work… What comes to mind is that after activation, MIUI updates arrive earlier than usual, right? It was because of this curiosity that we activated it a few months ago on the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro at our disposal, but the result was not what we had hoped for. Tracking every MIUI update published by Xiaomi on a daily basis, we noticed that updates arrive at the same frequency as they are released. This means that we received updates on the same days they were released, not earlier. Basically, we can say that this is a normal dynamic, because getting a stable update before its release would mean getting an unstable update.

Some may think that activating this option means getting a Stable Beta ROM, but this is not the case. To receive the OTA update of the stable beta, it is required that the smartphone be signed in with a Xiaomi account, which is officially registered as part of the official Mi Pilot beta testers group.

Early Updates: Does It Really Work?

At this point, we decided to explore further to understand how the Early Updates option actually works. We find the first information about this on the Xiaomi forum, where one of the many polls shows, that half of those who activated did not receive any updates in advance… The other half claims that they received it in advance: what is the truth then? It turns out that it is impossible to establish the absolute truth, but there are two hypotheses.

The first, and most pessimistic, is that those who claim to have received updates in advance suffer from the so-called placebo effect. Knowing that they activated this item, they could have a false idea of ​​the actual update time, which might have arrived at the same time, even without activating it. But, being sure of the effect that activation should have (in their opinion), they confirmed the work of the function in the course of the survey.

The second option, more optimistic, is that in fact the update came to them earlier than to others. And this can be explained by taking into account the dynamics, which are quite obvious. We all know that MIUI updates are often not distributed at the same time. This is a factor that also applies to other Android device manufacturers, not just Xiaomi. Therefore, it may happen that in Russia the same update will one day arrive to the owner of a particular Xiaomi Mi 10, while another owner of a similar Mi 10 device in the same Russia will receive it a few days later.

To find out something more, experts personally spoke to a number of MIUI insiders, asking questions about the “secret function”. But their answers, which were eventually obtained, were contradictory. There are those who argue that there is a minimal lead that cannot be counted in a certain period of time, almost random. But there are those who say that this feature is exclusively for those who participate in the Mi Pilot beta testing program. In light of all this, we can confidently tell you: activate this function if you want. She will not bring anything bad, but do not expect miracles from her.

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