MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV returned to the market with the release of patch 6.08

Square Enix, as promised, has returned all editions of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV to the market. As a reminder, the game was temporarily removed from digital stores back in mid-December 2021 due to problems with queues, but now users can again purchase it on PC and consoles. However, the trial version is still not available.

Along with this, the developers have released update 6.08, which is mainly aimed at improving the balance of professions and fixing bugs. It also added support for Dualshock and DualSense controller capabilities on PC (DirectX 11 must be enabled) and opened a data center for Oceania with five servers.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently hosting the All Saints’ Wake event, which will run until February 2nd. By participating in it, players can receive various rewards, including a clown costume.

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