MMORPG World of Dogs Review – New Gaming Experience Directly in Telegram

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Not many will remember the classic text RPGs, which lacked incredible views, advanced animations, and even any interface. Moreover, these were just story games, without interaction with other players. Today, technologies make it possible to make both graphically beautiful games and recreate the “tube” atmosphere from the past. It is about the second case that our review will be, namely, about the game World of Dogs.

World of dogs Is a free-to-play MMORPG about dog heroes set in a fantasy world that combines PvP arenas, clan battles and co-op raids on epic monsters, all in real time with real people. The game is already more than two years old and during this time more than 200 thousand users have been registered in it. Also, according to the developers, several thousand people play it every day. You will be surprised, but the whole gameplay takes place in the Telegram messenger with the help of game telegram bots, which provide a full gaming experience.

The first steps

The game immediately presents a choice: will you fight for the Horde, or give your preference to the Alliance. After that, you need to go through a simple and understandable tutorial, seasoned with a rather interesting quest. On its passage, the player is explained the basic mechanics and told how to use all the controls. To my surprise, this is all done very conveniently and simply.

Next, you find yourself in the academy of the same beginners with a full-fledged chat, where the first steps towards socialization in World of Dogs begin. Here you meet, communicate and gather groups for joint passage of dungeons, raids, or even PvP battles. Despite the fact that this is a chat for beginners, there are always online mentors who will help you in your endeavors and tell you about all the mechanics you are interested in.

The game also has a huge general chat where all players gather. There you can just chat or ask various questions.


At the moment, there are three standard classes in the game: tank, healer and warrior. You are not forced to choose a separate archetype, because skills are directly dependent on equipment. For example, I managed to assemble a kit for a warrior and then, when entering a raid, I chose the role of “warrior” using a special button.

You can create combinations of equipment, but, as a rule, no one does this, since damage indicators or other characteristics in this case will be less effective, which may entail a “wipe”.

There is a huge amount of different equipment in the game, and as you accumulate it, you can create sets for different classes, and not putting on one item each time, but simply clicking on a pre-created set.

Combat system

To be honest, text fights are a very unusual, but very exciting experience that sometimes makes you nervous. In joint raids, you need to monitor the health of the entire team if you are playing as a healer. And do not forget about debuffs, which will also have to be removed from allies. The bosses even have zones that you need to leave. For example, a monster used a skill and the flame spread on the ground – on the next turn you need to choose a certain action to get out of the fire. If the person did not have time to choose the option of action, then he automatically skips the move.

The tank must use a shield to prevent damage to its dog brothers, as well as cheer up the whole team with various growls and shouts.

A warrior, on the other hand, must do a ton of damage, because it is he who has the sharpest weapon capable of hitting the boss at weak points, which will lead to an overall victory.

If the team managed to win, then a table with statistics on damage, health restoration and blocking opens in front of you. Also, for a raid, each player receives a worthy reward – experience, gold and, of course, chests with equipment.

At the moment, there are more than 15 different bosses in the game, each of which has unique abilities. As with all MMORPGs, you and your team need to work together to get the best results. By the way, the average duration of a raid is 6 minutes.


In PvP activities, everything feels much more complicated. The player needs to keep track of what attacks the enemy uses, dodge in time, remove negative effects from himself, for example, poisoning, and attack himself. You can use the stun to make the opponent miss a turn, and you, in turn, deal more damage or use this time to heal.

At the moment, the game has:

Auto-arena – automatic 1×1 battles, where you do not need to control, but only watch the progress of the battle and wait for the results.

Great Battles are 1v1 tactical battles with the use of abilities, and the average battle time is 2 minutes.

Colosseum – tactical 3×3 battles with the use of abilities, where battles last 6 minutes on average.


At the moment, there are not so many quests, but it is very pleasant to read them and pass them. The developers promise that more and more story missions will be added over time, and moreover, all the ideas are already on “paper”, so, most likely, such updates will not be long in coming.

Tournaments, real prizes and auction

Let’s start with the fact that MMORPG World of Dogs was made by a group of independent developers with the support of the FreeTON cryptocurrency, once created by Nikolai Durov. The game regularly hosts tournaments of various formats with cash prizes, tokens and various souvenir paraphernalia.

The most interesting thing is that there is an auction in the game for selling your items for a special currency that can be easily converted into real money. Of course, no one will purchase simple entry-level gear, so it makes sense to only exhibit epic and legendary items.

FreeTON seasons are also regularly held here. At the moment, the second season is in full swing and its prize pool is 12,000 fritons.

English version

Most recently, MMORPG World of Dogs came out for the English-speaking region and is currently undergoing an advertising campaign in the western market. The chats of Russian-speaking and English-speaking players are different, however, all activities are joint.

This is a very significant moment not only for the developers, but also for the players as well. The more users, the more comfortable the gameplay.

General impressions

It was a surprise to me that even in 2021, text-based MMORPGs can be relevant and, moreover, they are delaying for a long time. The game does not require a powerful smartphone or PC, but only the Telegram application. Thus, you can join raids, PvP battles and other activities at any time, in any convenient place.

Nowadays, when socialization has completely ceased to matter in the gameplay, World of Dogs presents a new experience. While the players are gathering groups, they make new acquaintances, communicate and, as a result, find friends.

Unite in groups, organize clan wars, go on joint raids and, of course, get a sea of ​​emotions in World of dogs

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