Most Anticipated iOS and Android Games in 2021: Tank Company Mobile, Diablo Immortal and More

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Well guys: hot summer is starting, so we have prepared a list of the coolest mobile games to be released in 2021. These are not no-name titles, and publishers and developers are familiar even to PC and console gamers. We will see many games with online elements. These are not wiped out MMORPGs with eternal farming: these are projects that are completely different in genre, which will make you press the “Install” button without further thought.

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Hitman sniper assassins

The first mobile part about the legendary Agent 47 managed to get pretty boring; this is especially true for the uniformity of levels. Well, Square Enix is ​​preparing a sequel. Now we will take on the newcomer to replace 47. This is not an easy task. In fact, the gameplay has remained the same: we shoot from one position at the guards, fuel tanks and other items. For example, you can activate an alarm, open a trash can with a shot, and even shoot explosive cartridges.

During the mission, we do basic and additional. tasks. The guards are stupid and don’t hear anything. The plot is divided into chapters with contracts. Agents vary in level of rarity; they also need to be pumped. Probably for different missions you will have to select the Agent pointwise. I have no big hopes for Hitman Sniper Assassins: the gameplay can get bored after some time. Well, write your opinion in the comments.

Apex legends mobile

Electronic Arts looked at the success of Call of Duty Mobile and decided: we need to make Apex Legends Mobile. Now there is a CBT, where you can already try some of the characters; among them – Lifeline (healer) and Bloodhound (tracker). The guys are trying to do everything as in the PC version. Only the client will be separate, so don’t expect cross-play. You can play from the first and third person.

And everything seems to be good, but there is not enough dynamics. If you want the same gaming experience as on PC, then don’t wait – the characters move slowly even with tackles. In this regard, the game is more like PUBG Mobile: we collect loot and gradually eliminate enemy units. The character models are well drawn, but the environment is disappointing. This is a CBT, so EA may still be fixing it.

Diablo immortal

The April Fool’s joke “You’ve got your phones” is now undergoing the second round of CBT in Australia. We managed to play Diablo Immortal on iOS and even recorded the gameplay. I must say right away that everything is done at the level. In general, it really feels like Diablo for mobile phones. And if in other MMOs the grind kills you from the inside, then here it is a sacred cause. Blizzard has added a lot of random events and challenges. The chance of dropping legendary items seems to be negligible, but I saw the guys in a full set. Perhaps this is done so that people try the content at high levels during the CBT.

The level of difficulty let us down: you can die, if only to completely score on the game. It’s interesting to run around the locations, look for chests and world bosses. There are few people, this only makes it better – no one is trying to kill or pick up a rare mob. In cons, you can write down a huge number of tasks, events and quests. They just run wild and you are unlikely to be able to close all daily quests in 30 minutes. And if you think that Immortal will bypass popular features in mobile phones, you are deeply mistaken. For example, a battle pass was brought here. Plus, money can buy rare stones and get more loot from dungeons. On the other hand, I have not yet seen the donation, which gives a direct advantage over others. Verdict: wait and see.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising

Kakao Games is preparing to launch ODIN: Valhalla Rising in Korea. This is a newfangled MMO project, which takes place in Scandinavia. If you love the theme of the Vikings and their gods, then congratulations: you will see Odin, Thor, Loki and huge monsters. Expect cute and well-dressed characters, just like in Black Desert Mobile. We will visit deserts, snow-capped mountains, swampy forests and so on. Get ready to climb mountains (hello Genshin Impact). Depending on our actions, some clans will become friends or enmity with us.

As for the technical aspects, the graphics look cool, the animation of the blows is great. Kakao promises a seamless open world and the ability to hop and fly without limits. Custom lighting, clothing models scanned from real copies. For the “cinematic” motion capture of actors is used. Conclusion: this will be a new benchmark for smartphones.

Devil may cry mobile

Cool Dante will come to smartphone screens. He will crush the armies of demons and flirt with girls. So far, this is a purely Chinese theme, but it looks at the level. This applies to graphics: character models, as well as the environment looks great; the lighting is superb. At the levels, we mindlessly beat the mobs, filling combos. Metal plays in the background. The levels are big, but wait for the loads. Crystals are hidden at locations that help to pump. There are as many as five action buttons, which suggests the thought: “Will the controller support be delivered?”

In terms of level design, the game resembles the classic Devil May Cry. In addition to Dante, we will play as Virgil and Lady. Expect a unique playstyle as well as skins. Published by CAPCOM, but developed by a Chinese studio. One of the advantages over other mobile phone slashers is attacks in the air. The release will take place in China, tentatively in June.

Frostpunk mobile

Following the port of Bloodstained, publisher NetEase Games will release Frostpunk Mobile. And everything would be fine, but it will not be quite a port. So far, we know that the developers will carry over the main features from the original, but add mobile elements. That is, we should expect a guild, some rescue stations, and so on. Honestly, a bit like the description of a typical mobile strategy. One way or another, it will be the same simulator of society in the post-apocalypse. We will take on the role of a leader who must take care of our citizens. By the way, the developers from the 11 bit studio made This War of Mine before. Someone already expects that there will be a lot of donation in Frostpunk Mobile. So far, we know that NetEase Games will hold its online presentation. There will be shown not only Frostpunk, but, for example, Racing Master.

Fallout shelter online

If you’ve played the original Fallout Shelter, then there is little new to find in Shelter Online. This is the same Vault simulator, where we have to keep track of its inhabitants, resources, build new rooms and send scouts on an expedition. In this case, the game will constantly send notifications for any reason. Judging by the gameplay from the trial run, the dialogue in the game is very slow if you don’t miss them.

Apparently, part of the gameplay will be transferred to the Wasteland. We are sending a team of five characters there. They have a level of rarity, which means one thing is gacha. The battles are automatic, we can only beat the ult. Locations in the Wasteland are reminiscent of our shelter: you can move along it and bump into enemies. If you get bored, you can always speed up the battle.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

If you want a normal Harry Potter game, then wait for Magic Awakened. Here we will be allowed to independently move around Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest. The game has dialogues, as well as cool character models. We will play for the trinity of wizards, but this is not Harry, Ron and Hermione. There are turn-based battles, you have to use cards there; they waste mana. Materials, such as potions, are given out for victory.

It is not yet clear what time the Magic Awakened events take place. We will definitely see a centaur in the Forbidden Forest with some uncle in a hood (Philosopher’s Stone?). The plot is known to be “inspired” by Rowling’s books. By the way, the publisher is NetEase Games. The game is planned to be launched in China. We are supposedly going to make our own history.

Valorant Mobile

Riot Games has finally released League of Legends: Wild Rift to smartphones. Now is the time for Valorant Mobile. This is a dynamic shooter that they will try to transfer to the mobile plane, as they did with Call of Duty and PUBG before. Such a step is understandable, because smartphone shooters bring huge profits, and the main investor in Riot Games is the Chinese corporation Tencent. By the way, these guys made Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. It turns out that the competition will be among “their own” titles. We probably won’t see support for controllers and cross-play. If you believe insiders, then the announcement of Valorant Mobile will take place during E3 2021, that is, in mid-June.

Tank Company Mobile

But we left the most interesting for last – this summer NetEase Games will break into the mobile games market with Tank Company Mobile. She was popularly nicknamed “the killer of the World of Tanks Blitz”. Why? Let’s figure it out. First, there is artillery here. Secondly, battles take place in a 15 by 15 format. Of course, the interface is almost licked with Blitz, but NetEase is constantly doing this. The graphics look better, especially when it comes to lighting. At the start, three nations will be available, which are prototypes of real countries (USSR, America and Germany). Players can choose from light, medium, heavy tanks and, again, art. In addition, we are promised maps of 1 km by 1 km. Conclusion: we are looking forward to it.

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