New MIUI theme brings Android 12 to Xiaomi smartphones

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Everyone is waiting for MIUI 12.5, but if you suddenly found out that you can get a taste of Android 12 thanks to the MIUI theme on Xiaomi? On the occasion of the publication of the Developer Preview of the future OS, we saw what innovations will appear along with MIUI 13. After several years of minor changes with the new version of the green robot, we will have a redesign and very up-to-date graphics. The major update will bring with it several changes to Android’s look and feel, and the theme below wants to get you ready for that moment.

Want Android 12? There is a theme designed for Xiaomi

Although we are still far from the final version of Android 12, the new theme Android 12 Pro Max wants to make the eagerly anticipated changes to Xiaomi smartphones. Building on what we saw in the Developer Preview, with the next major update we will have a user interface that will handle color management differently. So far, we’ve seen a clear separation between light and dark themes, with appropriate interface adaptations.

Android 12 Pro Max

But there are those who rightfully may prefer more colorful user interfaceand with Android 12, changes should come in that regard. The real novelty is the synergy between themes and backgrounds, allowing you to expect a more colorful user interface that includes the same chromatic accents as the wallpaper.


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