No Man’s Sky Update 4.0 Adds Custom Mode, Relaxed Mode, Autosave and More

No Man’s Sky is receiving a major new update at the same time as it launches on Nintendo Switch today, October 7, 2022. A patch called Waypoint brings the game to version 4.0 and radically overhauls the balance as well as the structure of the game, although it does not add much new content.

The authors said that Waypoint is designed to help new and returning players make sense of the gameplay, which has gone through 21 major updates in the six years since its original launch, and to give Nintendo Switch players a more “pick-and-play” experience. Therefore, the main innovation should be called “relaxed mode” or Relaxed Mode, the purpose of which is a simplified, fast and less tiring way to see the sights and features of the vast space game without spending a lot of time on the grind.

The game also has a custom game mode. They allow you to customize survival, crafting, combat, controls, and special abilities to suit each player’s style. Plus, with the autosave feature, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress anymore.

Fans will benefit from a redesigned inventory system that makes navigation much easier, as well as a new stage system, an auto-selling trade rocket, new collectibles, and improved mission content. The developers also included in the update a new information portal that will tell you about all your achievements and goals.

You can find the full patch note on the official website of the project.

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