Played Project: Arrival on Android, what’s new?

Played Project Arrival on Android whats new Played Project: Arrival on Android, what's new?

A new beta test has begun for Project: Arrival. We took part in it and now we hasten to share our opinion.

Project: Arrival – survival in the world of the future, where people were attacked by aliens and now they have to do with a small number of resources. At the start, we are greeted by an in-depth character editor, which was the case in the past PTA. Then the familiar cut-scene begins with the action turned out to the fullest. If you have a normal smartphone, then you will notice a difference in graphics and optimization – the colors have become much more vibrant. You can also change the controls: hide the buttons, change their size or location.

Since the Project: Arrival CBT is taking place in Canada, there is a burning question about the speed of the Internet. According to personal feelings – if you have unstable 4G, then it’s better not to download anything in the background. After a motorcycle ride, we find ourselves in a small hub town, which is soon smashed by aliens. Meteorites are falling everywhere, entire locations are on fire, and we have to fight off the invaders, who shoot quite accurately. They vary in level and like to soak up damage, so we expect the same scheme as in Destiny 2.

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