Pre-registration for The Witcher: Monster Slayer is open for Android, in April there will be a beta test

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CD Projekt RED decided to break out into the mobile games market some time ago. Project – The Witcher: Monster Slayer. In terms of the gameplay, this is a real Pokemon Go, which everyone has forgotten about. The Polish company launched regional beta testing on iOS, which even made it to Europe. Now gamers on Android devices can pass pre-registration. In April, the developers will select the lucky ones who will test the game on Google Play. Those who wish to enter their email from this digital store choose a brand and phone model. You must also indicate that you are over 16 years old.

Recall that the plot in Monster Slayer takes place before the events associated with Geralt of Rivia. CD Projekt promises quests and stories. To advance, you need to walk through cities and forests in search of monsters.

An early version of The Witcher: Monster Slayer is already available on iOS in Russia and some other regions. Unsubscribe if you can play on iOS in your country too. This is a shareware project with microtransactions.

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