Resident Evil 7 – How to get the hardest achievements and trophies

The game Resident Evil 7 offers about forty achievements and trophies. Some of them require you to go through the entire story twice or to pass in a given time.

It is also necessary to play on the crazy difficulty level, which is available only after finishing the game on one of the lower levels. Here you will find tips on how to get the hardest achievements.

Most difficult achievements and trophies

The first achievement that we can get at the very beginning of the game, even before we enter the first building. Following the swamps, at some point you will notice a hearth from which smoke rises. Next to him is Mia’s brown bag. Examine the object and turn it to look inside and get the girl’s document from there.

The “Try to do more” trophy can be done after you get to the main house, or rather, to the main hall, where there is a projector in one of the rooms. Instead of using the desired object, interact there with a completely different one.

You will open the bag when you have an enlarged backpack. You will find him in a crib at the end of the bridge at the level of the old house.

Once you start playing the last of the VHS tapes that Eveline pushes you to, and while you’re playing Mia’s level, ignore the first monster you encounter. Immediately after capturing the remote controlled bombs, return to the meeting point with the monster. Let him hit you, and then press the button displayed on the screen to throw a bomb at the monster. This way you will get the achievement.

Another video related trophy is “You Won’t Catch Me”. Play Mia’s VHS tape and don’t get caught by Marguerite.

In order to get the “End of Night” and “Distant Memory” achievements, you will need to play through the entire game twice, at some point making a different choice, which will lead to a different ending for Resident Evil 7.

During the battle in the morgue, you will have the opportunity to win a trophy. When Jack gets stabbed, instead of attacking the enemy, wait for the man to catch you. At this point, you must quickly crouch to use the overhead scissors.

The “Two for the Price of One” achievement may seem easy, but it really isn’t. You can only get it after getting the shotgun in the main house. We suggest that you take care of this trophy right away, because after leaving the courtyard, the monsters will get stronger and stronger.

In an easy and carefree way, you’ll get the “Before you blow out the candles” trophy, where in less than five minutes you’ll have to finish the Happy Birthday tape.

The “Spudded” achievement is unlocked after finding all Ancient Coins on Easy or Normal difficulty, and after destroying all figurines.

As you may have guessed, many of the achievements described will require the donation of a large amount of free time. However, once you’ve dealt with all of them, you’ll earn the Biominem trophy, the game’s platinum achievement.


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