Running a ghost hotel at Idle Ghost Hotel

Arcade Idle Ghost Hotel has appeared on smartphones. In it we will run the hotel, where ghosts come to rest. They have their own requests, with which your managers will help.

Idle Ghost Hotel is a mobile arcade game with cartoon graphics in which you have to serve ghosts. They want a different room, food, and more. Get a tip if you can please. Over time, you can hire managers and build new floors. The last point determines how expensive the room will cost.

In addition to managing rooms in Idle Ghost Hotel, you need to prepare dishes, among which there are many sweets and ice cream. If you combine the same food, you can end up with something unique. The main problem will be the zombies who helped build the hotel, but will not get away. Can you politely ask them to leave, as well as please every ghost? You can try your hand at free, although it is worth waiting for ads and microtransactions before 7 190 rubles for product. Unfortunately, there is no Russian localization.

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