Seamstress Gwen will fight in League of Legends with scissors, needles and thread

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The next MOBA League of Legends champion will be a seamstress named Gwen, who fights with huge scissors, needles and thread. According to the game’s lore, she used to be a beautiful doll created by Isolde, the now deceased wife of Viego. When Viego tried to save her, he was drawn into the Black Mist, which caused him to transform into the Fallen King, while the doll became human.

At the moment, the exact list of Gwen’s abilities is unknown, but certain conclusions can be drawn from the first gameplay video. So, apparently, the girl will be very mobile, since she is able to make several jerks in a row. The scissors deal massive damage in front. Gwen also creates a certain area – possibly giving a buff.

More abilities about the new champion, the developers will reveal in the near future.

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