Snapdragon 875 Or New MediaTek Platforms. The Company Is Preparing Two At Once With Cortex-A78 Cores

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MT6839 and MT6891

Recently, MediaTek SoCs are no longer a bad replacement for Qualcomm platforms for many. Some Helio G SoCs, as well as all Dimensity platforms, can be called very successful and competitive. 

Unfortunately, this year MediaTek again really failed to reach the top segment. Formally, it released Dimensity 1000+, but in fact there are practically no smartphones with this platform on the market. 

Snapdragon 875 or new MediaTek platforms?  The company is preparing two at once with Cortex-A78 cores

Will something change next year? It is impossible to say for sure, but sources say that MediaTek is working on two top platforms with Cortex-A78 processor cores at once. Their part numbers are MT6839 and MT6891. Details are still scarce. It is reported that they will be produced using the 5 nm or 6 nm process technology, and the development of the SoC is carried out at a faster pace than in the case of current solutions, so they should enter the market earlier.  

Considering the past experience of MediaTek, it can be assumed that the announcement of a new top-end platform or platforms may take place at the end of this year.  

Source: Gizchina

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