Started OBT MMORPG Immortal Sword for Android

On Android, you can play an early version of Immortal Sword, an MMORPG with different classes and an oriental theme. Let’s see how this project is better than other representatives of the genre.

Immortal Sword is a mobile MMO game. Since it came from Asia, the subject matter is appropriate. Now an OBT is underway for the game, so videos with the gameplay began to appear on the Web. If you look at them, the rose-colored glasses immediately fall off: we get five classes, although the description says about four. They, in turn, are divided into two subclasses.

If you set the graphics to ultra, the picture will still be blurry, and the interface will be overflowing with nondescript icons. As you progress, we pump over the character’s power points, which affects his success in PvE and PvP. To be honest, so far there is nothing on the MBT in the project that can attract a modern gamer. It feels like the game is stuck in the past.

An early version of Immortal Sword is already available on Android. This is an F2P microtransaction project up to 8 990 rubles per item… IOS version will be released, hints at it official site, but so far there is no link to the App Store. Facebook-group is also empty.

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