Steelrising: boss guide – how to quickly kill everyone

Unstable Spearman

  • Reward: 700 units essences and module key

We will meet the first mini-boss in Saint Cloud. It will be the Unstable Spearman. His main attack is spear attacks. Do not underestimate the enemy, if you do not dodge in time, you will receive good damage.

Near the mini-boss attacks 1-2 times. Also, the difficulty is increased by other automatons that stand along the edges of the arena and strive to hit Aegis with their sword.

Take advantage of the arena. It does not lock, which means that at any time we can leave the battlefield to the save point, repair and return to the Unstable Spearman.

How to win? At first, we use dodge, we try to roll behind him in order to land a couple of quick blows and step back. If you chose the Defender class, then use tactics – block + strike.

Unstable electric ram

  • Reward: 850 units essences, module key, permanent charge module 2

Unstable electric ram – a large robot with a club. He is noticeably lighter than the Unstable Spearman. Only here it will not work to escape from the battlefield – the arena is closed, which means you will have to fight to the victory.

Up close, the boss deals three sweeping blows – use dodge. If the robot raised the club, then quickly run back – during this blow, it deals damage over a large area, creating an electric dome.

This boss is quite slow, but he delivers powerful blows. Thanks to his unhurried movements, you can easily dodge any blows. The battle tactics are simple – we dodged sweeping blows, waited for him to stop, approached, hit and repeat all the actions again. It can also be attacked from afar using firearms.

Unstable Gunsmith

  • Reward: 1250 units essences, module key, death rage module 1

The huge robot deals heavy damage by swinging its iron rod around it. We are trying to go behind him, using dodges. When the boss starts to hit with a hammer, we run away as far as possible, otherwise we will receive fire damage.

There is a chariot in the center of the arena – we use this as an advantage. We run around this chariot from the boss and strike at the right moment. You can easily deal with this robot if you arm yourself with a fire chain – so you can strike through the chariot while remaining at a safe distance.

Unstable Butcher

  • Reward: 1750 units essences, module key, armor enhancement module 1

The main weapon of the unstable butcher is a cleaver. Plus, he calls on small robots that cause certain inconveniences. Up close, he delivers sweeping blows, and if we stay away, the butcher will jump on us from afar and deliver a powerful blow to the ground.

How to kill an unstable butcher? We use an ice cannon to completely freeze the big man, and after that we attack with familiar weapons.

Bishop of the Île de la Cité

  • Reward: 4000 units Essences, Bishop’s Hook Bible, Parry Module 1, Module Key

The presented boss is invulnerable in melee, so we can not even try. To defeat the Bishop, you need to wait for a convenient moment. First, dodge his quick attacks. When the robot leans towards the ground, then we carry out a series of attacks or inflict a heavy blow – we will have a few seconds to attack. Then we dodge again.

When we stay away from the boss, he will hurl his bible at us. All this time we use evasion and shoot from the ice cannon, throwing back elemental grenades.

In the second phase, during which he starts blowing steam out of his head, the boss will start attacking us with spinning blades. We dodge until he runs out of breath. In the third phase, he will again begin to attack with blades, but now after them there will be a fiery trail. Here you will have to use not only evasion, but also a jump.

Unstable Ram Statue

  • Reward: 1759 units essences, module key, will to live module 2

On the lower floor in the art gallery, we will meet with a robot – an unstable ram-statue. This is probably one of the easiest mini-bosses to dodge easily. The robot is very slow, so here it is enough to roll behind him and inflict a series of quick attacks.

The only difficulty is that, in addition to the unstable ram-statue, we are also attacked by small robots. There are columns in the center – we use them as protection.

Louvre Selenite

  • Reward: 4000 units essences, respite module 1, module key

At first, Selenite will attack us with a halberd and a huge shield. Attacking this robot in the forehead will not work, he puts his shield right in front of him, so we try to roll behind his back or hit him from the side. Sometimes the boss will strike quickly, at this time we use evasion.

It is recommended not to move away from him for a long distance, as Selenite will begin to fire volleys of rockets and inflict great damage. When we remove a certain part of the health, the boss will enter the second phase, during which his huge shield will light up, and the sickle will become electric.

How to defeat the Louvre Selenite? We fire from the ice cannon until it freezes, and then inflict strong blows. You can also throw elemental grenades.

Unstable Falcon

  • Reward: 3000 units essences, module key, death rage module 2, bismuth bar

The unstable falcon delivers two types of attacks – it spins around and beats its wings painfully, and shoots ice at a distance. We can also use two tactics: wait for the enemy to hit, dodge and immediately hit with a quick attack, or use a pistol to attack from afar, dodging ice shelling in time.

Luxembourgish Alchemist


The alchemist attacks with a large mace. During the battle, he uses all the elements, which significantly complicates the life of the player. If we stay away, the boss will start throwing fire and ice bombs at us. Up close, he performs circular strikes, sometimes using a battering ram. At first, stay close to him, dodge and attack. It will be easier if you back him into a corner.

When you remove almost all health and the second phase starts, the boss will start to strike with lightning, rush cold and fire. Keep in mind that enemy elemental strikes will deal very significant damage. Make sure that your health scale does not fall below half, otherwise in the second phase you will die from one hit of the Alchemist.

In the end, it is better to use grenades and throw the robot from afar. It will be nice if you stock up on improved explosive grenades before the fight.

Unstable Ice Minion

  • Reward: 4250 units essences, stun module 2, key, bismuth bar

At the entrance to the church, we will encounter a robot – an unstable ice minion. The mini-boss is thrown with a large ball on a chain. When fighting, it is better to stay at a long distance, throw grenades and fire from a cannon. When we remove a certain amount of health to the minion, he will begin to inflict spinning attacks with balls, in this case we move away so as not to receive damage.

Treasurer of the Invalides

  • Reward: 9750 units essences, key, armor boost module 2, orichalcum ingot

The boss’s weapon is a huge clockwork key, with which he delivers a couple of sweeping blows at close range. In this case, use evasion and keep behind his back or at his feet. Behind him hangs a jetpack, with which he quickly flies up to us if we move too far. Immediately after using the backpack, the robot stops and we have a few seconds to deliver a series of quick attacks or a heavy blow.

During the next phase, his key will be charged with electricity. The robot will start winding itself up with a key, it will jump far and beat with electricity. The treasurer is very slow due to his strength and size, which means we will have time to dodge and counterattack.

Unstable Scout

  • Reward: 5750 units essences, key, respite module 2, two bars of bismuth

The robot miner is armed with a drill. He is also very slow, which allows us to easily dodge his heavy attacks. We roll behind him and inflict a series of quick blows. We can also use fire grenades.


  • Reward: 13 100 units essences, effective parry module 3, key, orichalcum ingot

Centaurus attacks with a spear and moves on horseback. From afar, he throws deadly projectiles, and close up delivers sweeping blows with a spear. We attack him carefully. This robot is not as slow as the previous ones, so we quickly inflict a couple of blows and dodge.

It is recommended to use the element of ice – we throw grenades and apply ice tricks. At the end, when we remove enough health from the boss, he will go into the second phase and start creating fiery rings. From afar, it will not work to fire at him, since the robot quickly overcomes the distance and can easily reach us. We will attack in close combat. The main thing is to follow the spear, dodge and hit from the back.

Before the battle, it is best to stock up on improved explosive grenades. Also try not to get into the burning ring.

Unstable Ballista Ram

  • Reward: 7500 units essences, death rage module 3, key, two bars of bismuth

The robot is armed with a crossbow, that is, it will attack us from afar. The difficulty lies in the fact that several pumped spearmen walk near him. An unstable automaton is dangerous in open areas. The easiest way to defeat the enemy is to go into the archway and attack from around the corner. The robot can’t fit through the arch, which means it’s the perfect place to finish it off.


  • Reward: key, endurance module 3, orichalcum ingot

The executioner is a moving guillotine. The main weapon is an ice chain that reaches at medium distances. To defeat the executioner, we come close to him, dodge and hit from the back.

Later, when we take off a lot of his health, he will begin to cling to the ground and, with the help of an ice chain, accelerate at us. In other words – ram. At this point, use dodge.

Unstable Lumberjack

  • Reward: key, bismuth bar

The lumberjack uses a spear. It will be easy to defeat him – we dodge and beat. This is a mini-boss that is no different from an unstable spearman or, for example, an unstable scout. Do not forget to use the elements to quickly end the battle.

Royal Ofrey

  • Reward: 18,500 units essences, critical damage module 3, key, orichalcum ingot

The robot is very vulnerable to explosive grenades. If you want to quickly deal with the enemy, then we throw grenades at him (it will take about 10 pieces). If there are problems with the purchase of explosives, then we use a proven tactic – dodging and attacking from the back. Opponent makes sweeping attacks that are easy to dodge and strikes with electricity

Unstable Gargoyle

  • Reward: 15,000 units essences, key, bismuth, orichalcum ingot

The robot is an improved version of bird automata. He is armed with claws and weights. What’s more, this boss is guarded by four upgraded axe-wielding robots. You’ll have to sweat. First, we deal with small opponents, simultaneously dodging the attacks of an unstable gargoyle.

Here it is best to attack surrendered using fire and elemental grenades. You can also wait for the right moment and counterattack the enemy immediately after he strikes.

iron queen

  • Reward: 26,000 units essences, orichalcum ingot

The mechanical bird has a weakness to explosive grenades. The peacock attacks with a deadly beam and also performs sweeping strikes. In the second phase, the robot begins to use its tail, and its attack speed with damage will noticeably increase. It is safest to fight him closely, dodging powerful swings and blows in time. If you decide to keep your distance and fire at the bird from afar, then get ready to constantly move so as not to get hit by a volley of shells.

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