Support Hero Ulug Coming Soon to MOBA Overprime

The creators of the Paragon clone Overprime have released a trailer for a new support character named Ulug. Ugul is the counterpart to Narbash from Paragon and is a very useful hero for almost any pick. If the developers do not change his abilities, then Ugul will be able to use the following skills:

  • March – Temporarily increases own and allies’ movement speed.
  • Rumble is a basic melee attack.
  • Sneak Punch – Throws a drumstick that deals damage and stuns for a while.
  • Song of My People is a toggled ability. All the time of use restores health, but takes away energy.
  • Fuck-Bang – the ultimate ability that slows and knocks back enemies, and also deals AOE damage.

This hero will be added tomorrow after maintenance, along with a lot of bug fixes.

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