Survival Atlas got a patch with the tenth season

The multiplayer pirate survival sim Atlas has received patch 551.2 with its tenth season, many improvements and a wipe.

Among the new content, now in the game you can find the ability to put ships in a bottle and get it back. To craft a magic bottle, you will need the skill “Master Shipbuilder” and the creation of a “bottle” shipyard, as well as the ingredient Hardened Essence in the amount of 50 pieces.

The location of the regions has also been updated, the names of some have been changed, the location of free ports has been edited, and temperature fluctuations have been reduced. With the start of the season, access to the Huawi, Trackless Waters, and Unknown Depths areas was no longer available.

Additionally, the reconstruction of sea forts throughout the Atlas began. Pathfinders can discover new island fortifications and new visual effects.

More details about the new patch, including all minor improvements, you can find in the official developer post.

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