Survivalist Conquer The Islands is open for pre-registration

Conquer The Islands is a zombie apocalypse survival game. Judging by the description and the trailer, the game takes place on a small island, where, in addition to the tropics, you can visit a kind of metropolis. It is teeming with the dead, so a double-barreled weapon will come to the rescue.

Now we are talking about the early registration of Conquer The Islands on Android, nothing is known about the version on iOS. The developers have an official YouTube channel, but it only has 2 videos. By the way, judging by the postscript “Task 1” (Task No. 1) in the title, we expect the game to be divided into several chapters.

This is what the interface of Conquer The Islands will look like.

Based on screenshots in Conquer The Islands, players will be able to ride HAMMER-type military vehicles and fire assault and sniper rifles at zombies. Also boxes with ammunition and first-aid kits will be scattered around the map. While we are not expecting an online mode, your main task is to reclaim the island from the dead. The player is unlikely to have a level of hunger and thirst, since only ammo, a first-aid kit and, possibly, energy can be seen on the interface.

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