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The Dark Universe: Apple Showed The Camera Capabilities Of The iPhone 12 Pro

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Excellent video in low light conditions

Apple posted on its YouTube channel a video called Experiments V: Dark Universe, which was created using the iPhone 12 Pro smartphone.

Dark universe.  Apple showed the camera capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple comments on this video: “To push the new Dolby Vision and low-light capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro to the limit, we made it our mission to capture the darkness itself.”

A video was also published, which describes how this video was created.

These videos are sure to delight existing and future iPhone 12 Pro owners who might have been upset by today’s news. The back panel of the iPhone 12 Pro can crack even without hitting, for some iPhone 12 users the body of the smartphone was too sharp. Early adopters of the iPhone 12 complained about the short battery life, but they found the paint peeling off the case quickly.

Source: YouTube

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