The dates of the two beta tests of MMORPG Swords of Legends Online have become known

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Gameforge has finally revealed the exact dates for the closed beta tests of the western MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. In total, it is planned to carry out two stages:

  • ZBT-1 – from 21 to 25 May.
  • ZBT-2 – from 1 to 8 June.

Users who pre-order through the Gameforge Client or Steam are guaranteed to be able to participate. Also, the opportunity to evaluate the beta version will be given to those who are lucky enough to receive keys in distributions and contests. By the way, additional keys for friends are included in the maximum edition of the game.

According to the publishers, the PTA version of Swords of Legends Online is already stable, and all available content is working as intended. After the end of testing, the accumulated progress will be reset, and the premium currency will be returned with a small bonus as a thank you. Participants in this stage will receive an exclusive reward, which will be announced later.

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