The developers of MMORPG EVE Online tease a new addition, which is expected this year

The range of add-ons MMORPG EVE Online very soon replenished with one more. The developers have published a teaser and some details of the new Uprising expansion, which is expected in November this year.

In addition to the new plot, the add-on will bring significant improvements to interstate wars, add new ships, hangars, the ability to decorate ships with corporate and alliance logos, and improve the balance. A complete overhaul of complexes and a new system of advantages are also expected, which will provide a head start in battles.

Until November, users can enjoy patches with new ships, large-scale improvements to the interface, graphics and sound.

Additionally, the authors announced an update that includes an expansion of the function of interstate wars and the mechanics of citizenship. It will allow you to help any powers, regardless of which corporations and alliances the players are members of. This patch will appear on the servers in the first quarter of 2023.

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