Gamera publisher Nest SL has released a third-person shooter called Windfolk. One of the main features of the game is flying on a jetpack and shooting at alien creatures. And it immediately suggests – what else does it have in common with Anthem from Electronic Arts? The local world is at war. The struggle is for the priceless mineral that keeps the islands floating in the air. We play as a soldier named Ezen, who must defend her planet from invaders.

The storyline campaign is divided into eight chapters, the arcade mode – into seven “stages.” We are offered free movement through the air with acrobatic movements. During battles, you have to move to dodge attacks constantly. Together with weapons and skills, we can create unique fighting styles

Locations in Windfolk are quite diverse: deserts, floating islands, ruins of ancient civilizations, and so on. The soundtrack allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening; each chapter has its own musical style. Windfolk is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There is no Russian localization. The issue price is 1,069 rubles.

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