The Secrets Of Sea Of Thieves: Tips For New Pirates And Veterans Alike

image <strong>The Secrets Of Sea Of Thieves: Tips For New Pirates And Veterans Alike</strong>

Sea of thieves is a survival game with many gameplay tactics and techniques that will take some time to master. This makes it a learn-as-you-play kind of game. So, irrespective of your level of experience in the game, there’s still a lot more to learn.

The tips in this article will be useful to veterans and beginner pirates alike. Moreover, offers some of the best hack cheats you can use in Sea of Thieves. Check them out to further boost your gameplay.

Tips for veterans and beginners on Sea of thieves

  1. Know your crew members and their roles

You can’t successfully man a ship in the Sea of thieves alone. This means that you’ll always need other players to be members of your crew. The important part of having other members in your crew is that they’ll need to do the different tasks required to man the ship successfully.

You’ll also have other pirates and creatures in the deep attacking your ship. When this happens, your ship risks getting damaged or crew members being killed. A good team should have members who take care of the ship’s maintenance and repairs and attack the opposition. 

  1. Avoid black waters

If black water has ever meant anything good in real life – which is rare – you should expect something different in Sea of thieves. Once you observe that the water is getting darker, move your ship out of there immediately. However, you can keep sailing if your crew and ship are strong enough to survive what’s coming.

Blackwaters spell the presence of enormous sea creatures that won’t hesitate to destroy your entire crew lurking around. If you’ve heard advanced players of Sea of thieves, then this shouldn’t be the first time you hear the names Meg or Kraken. These and other similar creatures are not your friends, be prepared for or avoid them altogether.

  1. The map’s edge is a no-go area.

Sea of Thieves will have you play on a small portion of a large expanse of water. If you want to survive long enough to count your blessings, the edge of the map is a place you should avoid. You can easily wander into these uncharted dangerous territories if you play for too long without the map.

It’s simple to know when you’re in these dangerous areas – the sky and water around you begin to turn red. As a result, your ship begins to creak as it starts taking damage; a few more minutes of this, and you’ll be watching your precious treasures going down the deep. Flee to safety as soon as possible.

  1. Communication is key

Some advanced players commonly ignore this basic part of team play. This can go without much consequence if you’re onboard a ship where you can easily see your crew members. If you’re playing on land, it’ll cost a lot if you can’t communicate with your teammates.

Unlike many other survival games out there, Sea of thieves has no radar, beacon pulse, or minimap that you can use to know your teammates’ location. You can use the in-game chat or voice to communicate with them as an alternative. Make sure to keep them informed about your location and actions at all times.

  1. Look out for signs in the sky.

If you enjoyed gazing into the sky as a kid, then you’ll need that experience here on the Sea of thieves. There are always indicators that inform you about the presence of some sweet precious loot. The giant skull-shaped cloud in the distance is something you should look out for.

The indicator means that there are sunken ships in the distance with lots of treasure on them. If it’s on land, you’ll find a base with lots of skeletons and loot. Quickly rush to the scene, gather some loot, and leave. You’re not the only one who saw the signs; enemies may be on their way toward you.


Sea of Thieves is all about some eye-popping adventure among pirates and deadly sea creatures. The tips above should guide you through the game fairly. That means you should be ready to learn new things for yourself as you play the game.  

Stick with your teammates and avoid the uncharted territories and black waters. Gather loots quickly and be quick to spend them – there’s always enough.

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