Tokina has released a 65mm T1.5 Cinema Vista full-frame lens for video shooting. In terms of dimensions and controls, it is interchangeable with other models of the line, making it possible to use several lenses with one set of accessories, making it quicker and easier to change lenses when shooting.

The resolution of the lens allows you to shoot 8K video. Together with a minimum focusing distance of 69 cm, this allows for very great detail. The optical design of the lens includes 14 elements in 13 groups. The nine-blade diaphragm allows you to change the effective aperture in the range of T1.5-T22. The focusing ring has a working stroke of 300 °.

The lens is available with ARRI LPL, ARRI PL, Canon EF, Sony E, and MFT mounts. The LPL, PL, and Canon EF mounts are suitable for large formats, including the RED MONSTRO VV, while the E mount version has a slightly smaller coverage – it fits the ARRI ALEXA LF ​​camera in 4.5K mode and Sony Venice in 6K mode … The MFT mount option covers Super35 and smaller sensors. Internal focusing provides constant length and minimal “breathing,” that is, the focal length’s dependence on the focusing distance.

The lens is 161 mm long and 2.29 kg in weight and is compatible with 112 mm filters. It costs $ 7,499.

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