Trump gave TikTok 45 more days

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New Executive Order Gives ByteDance 45 More Days To Think And Organize A TikTok Sale

“There is credible evidence that makes me think ByteDance … can take actions that threaten to undermine the national security of the United States,” Donald Trump wrote in his next order. It also extends the previously allotted period for the sale of the American part of the social network TikTok by another 45 days. DyteDance now has until November 12 to close its US business or sell it to a US company. As you know, Microsoft is among the first contenders for TikTok.

Trump gave TikTok 45 more days

Also, the new order contains requirements for ByteDance, which were not put forward earlier. So, the company is ordered to destroy any TikTok data received from users in the United States, and report the completion of this “task” to the US Foreign Investment Committee. Also ByteDance must destroy all US user data collected from the app. His Chinese company bought it in 2017.

Source: The Verge

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