Valheim graphics were inspired by Zelda and PS1 games

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One of the features of the Valheim survival simulator is its simple but pretty graphics. Even on powerful computers with maximum graphics quality set, the game has a slightly pixelated look, reminiscent of the old days. The developers deliberately chose this effect.

In a recent interview with overseas portal PCGamesN, Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson explained what the development team was thinking when choosing the Valheim aesthetic. As it turns out, many studio staff love the graphics of the PlayStation 1 era, which is reflected in the game’s visuals.

“PlayStation graphics are back! – said Svensson – This is the visual style that we really like about Iron Gate, but it also allows people who do not have the latest equipment to play. The development process becomes much faster than if we chose really high quality graphics. However, the low-detail style of the world is pretty much embellished with an abundance of environmental effects and post-processing. “

Svensson also admitted that the team was looking for inspiration in single-player adventure games. Since multiplayer survival games are quite popular these days, the editor asked if the intention was to take steps to stand out from all the PvP-focused survival games like Rust. To this, the developer replied with the following:

“Yes, we wanted to make a PvE game from the very beginning. That’s all! We were more inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild and similar single-player adventures than PvP oriented games. “

The PCGamesN editor also discussed portals in Valheim with Svensson. They are great for saving time, but you can’t carry ore through them. It’s a game design decision that forces you to embrace the elements of survival in the game, and losing can be a powerful motivator to get better, but not for everyone. Svensson can’t say if the portals will change anytime soon but clarified that the team always listens to community feedback.

Svensson concluded his interview by recommending the Swedish Death Metal band Amon Amarth as a great soundtrack to listen to while playing Valheim. Their lyrics are inspired by the mythology and history of the Vikings. They have released their own game, an 8-bit side-scroller available on mobile devices, in which players are tasked with guiding Thor through the enemy-infested Midgard.

Survival Simulator Valheim went into Early Access on February 2, 2021, and has gained incredible popularity among players. The developers will continue to support the project, and several updates are already planned for the future.

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