Walkthrough Detroit Become Human – Mission #29: Crossroads

The story of the main characters – Kari, Connor and Marcus – in the last chapters – Crossroads and the Battle of Detroit – will alternate. If the main characters survive, their fates will converge in Jericho and Detroit. Their story will be shown in intertwined scenes.

Due to the many possible endings of the game, as well as the chapters themselves, what happens in the final stages will depend on the decisions made throughout the game. It is difficult to predict what happened in your case, but we tried to move on to a story in which the most moral decisions were made and in which the main characters survived.

The next part of the walkthrough was based on the following relationships, events and decisions:

  • The main characters of the game (Kara, Markus and Connor) are alive.
  • Public opinion – support.
  • Kara – Luther is alive.
  • Kara – relationship with Alice: family.
  • Kara – relationship with Luther: family.
  • Marcus – leadership in Jericho.
  • Marcus – relationship with North: love.
  • Marcus – Simon survived the Stratford Tower and Public Enemy chapters.
  • Marcus took a pacifist approach to resolving conflict with humans.
  • Connor was malfunctioning (program instability is a deviant).
  • Connor – relationship with Hank: not an enemy (friendship).


Kara, Alice and Luther make it to Jericho and then flee the ship.

The chapter will start in the car. Rose helps the fugitives cross the border. The diagram has two starting points. Their activation depends on whether Luther survived in the Night Train chapter or not.

The mission description was based on a scenario in which:

  • Luther is alive.
  • Relationship with Alice: family.
  • Relationship with Luther: family.

Beginning – a trip to Jericho with Alice and Luther

In the car, do the following:

  • Look outside (1) – look out the window and press L1.
  • Change the radio station (2) – use the panel located on the dashboard of the car.

After a while you will reach a car park (3). Help Alice get out of the car and walk up to Rose to say goodbye (4).

Get to Jericho (5)

When you exit the parking lot, turn right. The action of the chapter will move to the harbor, where there is a moored ship in which Jericho is located. Move closer to board the ship (6). Once you’re inside, find a spot for Alice in the corner of the room (7). Talk to the girl and get up.

If Markus chose the aggressive decision in the Freedom March chapter, you will find the magazine on the chest. Read articles: Detroit in Chaos (8) and Terror in Detroit (9).

Top (10)

When you get upstairs, talk to Markus (Meet Markus – 11) who is sitting in the room. Then go down and return to Alice (12). On the way to the girl you will see an android child (13). Talk to Alice (Join Alice 14). Hug her (15) to continue the mission.

The further fate of the heroes will depend on whether Connor and Luther are alive, and what kind of relationship Kari and Alice have.

  • If Connor has found Jericho, and Kara and Alice have a good relationship (for example, they are a family), then the mission will continue (Kara and Alice in the corridor – 16).
  • If the relationship between Kara and Alice is bad, the android will leave Jericho alone.
  • If Connor doesn’t find Jericho and Luther lives, Kara, Alice, and Luther will leave Jericho.
  • If Connor doesn’t find Jericho and Luther is dead, Kara and Alice will leave Jericho.

Kara and Alice in the hallway (16)

Jericho will be attacked. Kara and Alice will run away with Luther (17). Run after him. Luther will open the door (18). Pass (19) and keep running. In a moment, Luther will be shot down (20).

Kara and Alice at the Crossroads (21)

Kara and Alice will run to Luther (22). He is seriously injured. You can help him or leave him (23). After deciding on the first option, Kara will take Luther to safety (24) and then leave him underground (25).

Run to the exit (26). When the soldiers block the passage (27), hide (28) in the room on the left and close the door.

On the other side of the room, the android will look for cover (29). Open the door (30) to let him in. Admittedly, the android will come, but will be shot (31). Then Kara will have to confront (32) the soldier. After winning the QTE scene, shoot the enemy and escape from the cockpit (33).

Kara flees (34), Conclusion: Kara and Alice fled from Jericho (42).

Once out of the ship, run away (35) and quickly press X on the landing, and almost reach the gap (36). The soldiers will shoot into the crowd (37). The best solution is to play dead (38) and not move (40) when the soldiers come (39). When the soldiers leave, get up and leave Jericho (41).

The chapter will end (Kara and Alice escaped from Jericho – 42).


Connor arrives in Jericho, becomes a deviant, and then escapes the ship along with Marcus, North, Josh, and Simon.

Connor, who in the chapter “Meeting with Kamski” or “Last Chance” discovered the location of Jericho, and ended up in the deviant headquarters.

He is looking for the leader of the rebellious androids, Marcus. When he finally finds him, you will have to make a key decision.

Our guide was based on a scenario in which Connor became a deviant.

Start – In Ferndale

When Connor leaves the subway, he will follow the road to Jericho (1) and reach the ship (2).

On the ship (2) explore Jericho

Once you are on the ship, you will be able to look around and explore Jericho. Do the following:

  • Pay attention to Kara (3) – she is standing on the platform.
  • Look at Tracey (4) – “Blue Hair” is on the bridge, to the left of Kara.
  • Note the explosives (6).
  • Pay attention to Alice (5) – Alice will be sitting on a chest in the corner of the room where Kara left her.
  • Pay attention to Rupert (7) – if Rupert survived (escaped) in the Nest chapter, then you will find him in Jericho.
  • Read “Detroit in Chaos” (8) and “Horror in Detroit” (9) – you can find the magazine in the mailbox, but only if Markus chooses a forceful solution in the “Freedom March” chapter.

On the way, Lucy will stop you (10).

Back in the captain’s cabin (11)

Connor will enter the captain’s quarters (12) where he will meet Markus. He will then threaten him (13) and turn around to face him (14). A conversation will develop between the androids, during which you will be able to choose topics for dialogue. The instability of Connor’s program could increase if Markus convinces him to join Jericho.

If Connor’s level of instability worsens, he may become deviant (15). This will depend on earlier decisions and chapter endings that Connor has been involved in.

The next part of the chapter description will be based on the scenario in which Connor became a deviant (15).

Connor warns Marcus (16) that Jericho will be attacked (17).

End: Connor escaped Jericho (21)

When Marcus brings the explosives into the hold, Connor joins the others (18). Help Marcus (19) deal with the soldiers in order to escape with the people of Jericho (21).


Marcus, as the leader of Jericho, makes a desperate attempt to blow up the ship and flees with Connor, North, Josh and Simon.

After recent events, the number of deviants has increased, they still have to hide on the ship.

In this chapter, the fate of the main characters will alternate. And Marcus, as the leader of Jericho, will have the opportunity to meet with Connor and Kara – if, of course, several conditions are met.

This chapter has been described based on the following relationships, events, and decisions:

  • Marcus leads Jericho.
  • Relationship with North: love.
  • Simon survived the Stratford Tower and Public Enemy chapters.
  • Marcus took a pacifist approach to resolving conflict with humans.

Start – Captain’s Cabin

Marcus communicates with North, Josh and Simon (1) if the latter is alive. If the main character leads Jericho, the mission will continue. Otherwise, if Markus doesn’t recruit the Dweans, he can leave Jericho.

If you did everything to get sympathy for the people of Jericho, Markus will talk to North (2). She will give him a detonator. Take it with you. The main character will be able to kiss North (3). Then Markus will be left alone (North leaves Markus alone – 4).

At the same time, Connor watches as North leaves (5) and Jericho is attacked (6).

In the hallway with Marcus (7)

After the attack on Jericho, Markus and Connor will escape from the captain’s quarters. They will meet in the lobby. The leader of Jericho will decide to blow up the ship. To do this, he will run into the hold. On the way, he will meet Lucy (7), and later the bridge will collapse (8).

Marcus in the hallway (9)

Marcus will hide in the room. After a while, exit and go past the soldiers (8). You will reach the place where the military is threatening the androids (9). Don’t leave them to their fate and intervene (10). Deal with the soldiers (11) and the androids will run away (12).

Go to the next corridor (13) where you will meet two soldiers. When they walk in your direction (14), attack them (15).

Move forward (go to the hold – 16). Below you will see androids being chased by soldiers (17). Stun (18) troops. The androids will run away (19).

Go to the next corridor, then go down the stairs towards the hold (20). There you will meet Josh who is fighting a soldier (21). Intervene (22) and eliminate the soldiers (23) (Josh escapes – 24).

In the hold with Marcus (25)

When you enter the hold (26), soldiers will attack (27). Destroy them (28) and then start the countdown (29) by activating the panel.

In the hallway with Marcus (30)

When Marcus leaves the room, he joins the others (31) – then runs away (32). After some time, North will be shot (33). Decide to rescue her (34) by following the instructions on the screen. When you help North (35), Connor will join in, protect Markus and his android (36) and kill the soldiers (37).

Ending: Marcus ran away with his brothers (43)

If you helped all the characters (North, Simon, Josh and Connor) in this chapter – and thus survived – then Markus will run away (38) with everyone (Simon / Josh / North / Connor will run away together – 39-42).

Walkthrough Detroit: Become Human


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